96-LA growth consulting
96-LA growth consulting

96-LA growth consulting


hey, I’m Devan, I help early-stage startups grow through product and marketing.

📈 what is "growth consulting"?

1️⃣ partly product

I believe marketing without a product primed for viral growth is wasted spend. I focus on making sure your product is equipped to leverage network effects. This includes recommendations on your UI/UX, but my emphasis is on introducing growth mechanics into your product.

2️⃣ mostly marketing

I believe you should experiment before committing to high spend. I ideate, design, and execute acquisition experiments to discover new channels and methods. My goal is to prove my ROI by finding a scalable method with a (much) lower CPA than the status-quo.

😇 how can I help?

I do not work on a retainer, my engagements are eight or twelve weeks.

1️⃣ product-led growth

four weeks

I will dissect your mobile app, web app, packaging, or any other relevant part of your product page-by-page, inch by inch, and recommend product enhancements that aim to increase virality. My goal is not to change or redesign your product, just make sure the product you built is in the best position to leverage existing network effects. At the end of this deep dive, I deliver a detailed document with well-reasoned recommendations and basic mock-ups.

2️⃣ acquisition experimentation

eight weeks

Phase 1, discovery: Before I start brainstorming, we'll set parameters for the experiments together such as budget per experiment, possible demographic segments, and alignment with specific goals you have. Tell me about your current customer personas, what you've tried, what's worked, what's flopped, and any other relevant details. On top of all this, I’ll do my own research to understand the market, the customers, and your product’s unique positioning.

Phase 2, brainstorm: Creativity is where I thrive, so my ideation process starts with a brainstorm of dozens of possible experiments. Why? Creating five ideas is easy, ten ideas is pretty tough, but to generate twenty or more ideas, I am forced to get very creative. The data collected in discovery plays an important role in this ideation phase as we consider which channels and methods will be most viable and effective. I keep all my ideas listed for you, but we will take a deep dive into those we together deem the best three to five.

Phase 3, experiment & report: I design, execute, and analyze experiments for the best ideas. This phase's deliverable document includes a full analysis of experiment results along with execution recommendations for scale optimization. How we measure the success or failure of each experiment will depend on KPIs we set prior to starting.

Need something else?

If you need something specific, don't hesitate to reach out! I'll help you out or at least lead you to someone who can.

😤 what makes 96-LA different?

The short answer is creativity and alignment. I know it's getting harder for early stage startups to differentiate their products and marketing efforts within the traditional digital channels such as paid ads.

For example, my lean marketing experimentation process always includes a brainstorm of dozens of unique ideas. It's a liberating exercise that gives me space to be creative and push the brainstorm outside ordinary bounds.

My goal is to be aligned with the companies I work with, so I don't work like a typical consultant. My marketing deliverables include reports on the experiments we run and plans of action for your team to execute, not a guessing game.

Don't avoid marketing, avoid stupid marketing. That's where I come in. I'm here to identify smart growth methods without much oversight, which allows you to focus on everything else.

🤔 are we a good match?

I am industry agnostic but focus on consumer-facing products. I've worked with CPGs, entertainment talent, D2C e-commerce, new social media platforms, free & paid apps, healthtech, and more, but I specialize in consumer-facing products focused on millennials or gen-z.

Are you:

  • A recently-funded (co-)founder
  • A technology-heavy team
  • Unsatisfied with paid ads
  • Focused on product
  • Focused on hiring
  • Unsure of the best marketing tactics to pursue

🤔 is this legit?


📒 case studies

🔢 Why 96?

Many researchers mark 1996 as the beginning of Gen-Z. Today, that generation is outspending and out-innovating all others and is the spearhead of modern culture. 96 is a nod to the pioneers who make up the generation. Visit 96 Foci for all my work & projects.

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