Knowable makes learning through audio easy through themed 10-minute segments daily.

āœ… Completed 12 weeks
šŸ’° A16Z, First Round, Initialized, & more

I came to Knowable right when their membership model launched and was able to develop their initial marketing methods. I ideated over 20 experiments and executed the top 3. Eventually I took over all of their marketing and focused on organic growth. As they created the daily segments we know now, paid ad spend was reduced to $0 and organic growth grew average ~10% w/o/w.


  • Cost per acquisition: ~$50+
  • Social accounts lacking
  • No content marketing
  • No community-building


  • Top experiment CPA: $8
  • Regular social engagement, following doubled
  • Created Youtube content marketing channel
  • Created Clubhouse community-building channel and built funnel



Clubhouse community experiment using my model reaches 1.2k listeners on the first attempt, resulting in 250 concurrent app users.


Video I produced for the launch of NASA Commander Scott Kelly's Knowable course launch, 40k views on Twitter alone.

Scripted video for NBA Allstar Chris Paul's Knowable course launch, 20k views on Twitter alone.